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The Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance operates with the most advanced government standards of security and provides your business with a safe and secure way of connecting into your enterprise. Advanced VPN features, such as IPSec, provide your Teleworkers a way to work remotely, either from home or on the road.

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Fully configurable intranet zones

Allow companies to break up complex areas of their network and limit access to the most sensitive areas of information.

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Complete routing capabilities

Allow the ASA can act as a router on your edge network, eliminating the need for additional devices at Small Offices or Home Offices (SOHO).

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Full configurability with additional modules

Allows the ASA to become a powerful inline intrusion prevention system to guard against any unwanted threats from both inside and outside your network.

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Cisco’s security context mode

Allows the ASA to utilize the most advanced visualization software so business can run up to 50 fully functional ASA firewalls inside on a single ASA.

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Native support for syslog, SNMPv3 and Netflow

Allows the ASA to integrate into your current network management software seamlessly.

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Cisco ASA can look deep into the application layer

Allowing administrators to inspect individual data flows and match them against the fully configurable definitions so they can catch even the most sophisticated of attacks.

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