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InterStar Remote Infrastructer Management

Network Infrastructure

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our services, your organization can fulfill business needs with higher agility, without IT becoming a bottleneck. From configuring new appliances, monitoring system health, handling upgrades, tackling incidents, and generating routine reports, InterStar can handle all your IT management tasks in a structured and efficient manner.

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Operating System Management

Get support for numerous Linux distros and Microsoft OS versions, covering installation, system maintenance and upgrades, performance issues and system errors. We also assist in server performance monitoring, recovery and backups

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Database Management

Our team assists in the maintenance of various Databases and backups, ensuring high availability and accessibility. Along with an all-inclusive administration, we offer the flexibility to define, create, query and update data while maintaining security.

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Network & Security Management

Ensure best practices for managing all your networks. We assist in setup and configuration of switches, routers, wifi-access points, VPNs, Firewalls and UTMs. We carry out routine upgrades and our team can also assist in advanced firewall configuration, performance monitoring and customized reports.

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Enterprise Focus

Our services are designed as per globally benchmarked service delivery models and assurance processes that can be tweaked to meet your SLAs and commercial modeling requirements.

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Wan optimization

We can design and implement the Wan solution, Increase bandwidth without increasing costs and Help you network run faster and more efficiently

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Connect networks securely, Improve network performance and Reduce operational costs

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